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NPM (New Permanent Make-Up)

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NPM Glow 10 PMU machine


Az NPM GLOW 10 a csúcskategória királynője!

A Glow 10 készülék 10 " HD érintőképernyővel van felszerelve.

A jövő sminktetováló gépe a jelenben.

A részletes ismertetőért lapozz a leíráshoz!

€ 4,164.48

NPM Oron 60 PMU machine


The most advanced device in the world with an outstanding technology, when it comes to the field of permanent make-up and micropigmentation.

With its innovative design, beautiful silver color and its spectacular LED lighting at the bottom of the device, the ORON 60 will surely attract the eye of the connoisseurs.

€ 3,608.92

NPM Oron 58s PMU machine


Welcome to the new world of the Oron 58s, enjoy your new experience! Live this new experience of NPM technology and meet the ORON 58s:

A modern rectangle design shape combined with a beautiful choice of colors for the outer look but the inside still with the
best technology. The ORON 58s precision control will make your work a great pleasure.

The aluminum body is easy to clean and maintain. This elegant design and easy to use technology will surely captivate all new technicians.

€ 2,299.21

NPM Hand Piece


The NPM hand piece is compatible with all NPM ORON series devices, furthermore with some other devices produced by others. For details, please contact us personally.

€ 430.56

PMU & Tattoo Removal liquid


Hogy működik az eltávolító folyadék?

  • A tejsav egy speciális formuláját tartalmazza az eltávolító folyadék.
  • A tejsav rendelkezik azzal a képességgel, hogy nagyobb mennyiségű pigmentet távolít el gyorsabban és biztonságosabban, mint a glikolsav.
  • A gyógyulási folyamat gyors és egyszerű.


  • A tejsav kimondottan hatékony a testbőr számára.
  • Száraz bőrű vendégek számára is megfelelő.
  • A tejsav gyengéden, de hatékonyan halványítja a bőrt.
  • A bőr felszínén hat, így gyengédebb.
€ 138.86

NPM HFS roller modul


This roller fits into all of our hand pieces perfectly. Capable of doing hair follicle simulation in a very effective way and unqiue way. It was invented as an additional part of a permanent makeup system using state-of-the-art technology to perfect a youthful, fresh appearance and impressive solution to balding, thinning hair & hair loss in both men and women.

Latest technologies and extensive experience was invested in the development of our HFS roller (PCT Patent No. 61-561,949) in order to achieve completely natural and long-lasting results.

The roller’s spring system vibrates a cluster of 56 needles that are positioned on the roller wheel in a cross-weave pattern. By moving the roller on the scalp, tiny pigment points that resemble hair follicles form. With the roller system, large areas are filled within several minutes, resulting in a completely realistic texture with remarkably accurate appearance as a hair follicle.

€ 54.68

NPM Dark Coffee (12ml)

Dark neutral brown.
€ 51.15

NPM Taipei (12ml)


Dark and neutral brown.

€ 51.15

NPM Acapulco (12ml)


Light neutral brown.

€ 51.15

NPM Cooper Brown (12ml)

Light warm brown.
€ 51.15

NPM Brown to Blonde (12ml)

Light neutral brown.
€ 51.15

NPM Espresso (12ml)


Dark slightly warm brown.

€ 51.15