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PMU LED Studio Ring Light 18"

€ 221.94 (€ 174.76 + VAT)
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Ring-shaped LED light with two diffusion filter, provides optimum illumination for portrait or interview, etc.
The ring-shaped light will make the model's eyes more bright and vivid, which makes the portrait more perfect!
Studio 18" LED Ring Light. - Special LED SMD design, 240pcs of super bright LED beads provide optimum illumination, lightweight and portable.


Constant current drive, low power loss.
- NO ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, low heat output, safety and environmental protection.
- With reinforced flexible arm which will move freely and never droop.
- Equipped with two color diffusion filter, enable you to choose different light as you need.
- Extra Long Cord and Heavy Duty Thumb Screws. - Long service life of more than 50000hrs.
- It is widely applied to outdoor photo light, filling light indoors, portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video, etc.


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