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White Soap Black Edition

€ 8.93 (€ 7.03 + VAT)
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A cleansing milk with hydrating and nourishing effect for removing make-up, foundation and for cleaning the skin on the face.


It is gentle and thorough, it easily dissolves the materials of mascara, blusher and foundation, it does not irritate or burn the eyes. It is also recommended for PMU specialist to use before, during and after PMU treatment to clean the skin without causing irritation. Use this soft and gentle product specifically during eyeliner PMU treatment to remove excess pigment. 100% natural cosmetics, contains only natural, vegetable ingredients. Clean the skin before, during and after PMU treatment. Pour a little amount on wet cotton pad, then wipe the skin to be cleaned. It does not replace skin disinfection.

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Enélkül már el sem kezdem a tetoválást! Előtte, közben és utána is kiválóan letisztítja a pigment maradványokat pillanatok alatt! Minden bőr szereti!
...otthon is használom... ;)